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Dalmatian Fig Cake

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Enjoy this fig specialty from the Croatian Mediterranean coast!

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Dalmatian Fig Cake comes from the Croatian islands, where figs are native fruit and can be found in nearly every yard. Figs are eaten raw or dried and they are the main ingredient of many Dalmatian recipes.

Dalmatian Fig Cake is a simple and healthy dessert with only three ingredients. It is usually served with schnaps, added to platters, or simply eaten as a healthy snack.

Fig Energy Bar

Rather than a cake, this fig delicacy is more of an energy bar. It contains dried figs which are rich in dietary fiber and manganese. It also contains nuts – walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, whatever you prefer.

A touch of herb or fruit schnaps gives this cake a very special kick! If you don’t consume alcohol, it can be substituted for orange juice. In this case, the cake will be much milder and sweeter, so opt for sugar-free juice.

Health Benefits

Even though fresh figs are a much healthier option because they contain less sugar and calories, dried figs are available year-round.

Figs are rich in copper and vitamin B6 and are especially good for promoting digestive and heart health. They serve as a natural prebiotic, and they can reduce constipation and bloating.

How to serve Dalmatian Fig Cake

Dalmatian Fig Cake sits for 10-15 days before serving. After this time, the cake is completely dry and can be finely sliced.

Fig cake is traditionally served with local schnapps, so the best way to enjoy this cake is to add it to charcuterie and cheese boards when entertaining. This delicacy will certainly be a favorite!

You can also eat a slice daily to improve your digestion.

Another way to have this healthy snack is with tea or coffee.

How to Make Dalmatian Fig Cake

Dalmatian Fig Cake

Recipe by Healthy Hungry CatCourse: Recipes, AppetizersCuisine: MediterraneanDifficulty: Easy


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  • 180g/0.4 lbs dried figs

  • 80g/0.18 lbs ground walnuts

  • 2 tbsp pear liqueur


  • Put the dried figs in a meat grinder and grind them.
  • Transfer to a medium bowl.
  • Add ground walnuts and pear liquor.
  • Combine together until you get an even mixture.
  • Mold the mixture into a cake form and leave it in a dark and cool place for 10-15 days.


  • This fig cake can be made with orange juice instead of liquor.
  • You can speed up the drying process and dry the cake in the oven at 80°C/176°F for around 60 minutes. Cool completely before serving.
  • This cake is excellent on charcuterie and cheese boards.
  • You can substitute walnuts for any nuts you like and make your own healthy energy bar.
  • You can use a food processor for grinding figs, but they are really sticky and can stop the processor. It should be fine once cleaned.
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    • So glad! I love that it can be made kid-friendly with OJ, or kept old school with the schnapps!

  1. I’ve never made a fig cake like this before, but I’m excited now to try it out and use it as the centerpiece for my next charcuterie board. Thanks for the recipe!

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